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Meet our staff of beautiful and professional masseurs/ses with great experience in the art of seduction, erotism and sensuality. All of them are selected and trained in an thorough way to guarantee you an exquisite experience and a service of the highest quality, unique and unmatched.

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We offer you a suggestive and distinctive offer of tantric, erotic and sensitive massages with the most specialized and recognized techniques of relaxation and oriental stimulation for your complete satisfaction and maximum enjoyment of your five senses. Discover either our massage menu or our other services designed just to please you.


Elegance Massages

Your oasis of pleasure where to balance
body, mind and soul

Do you need to enjoy the mysteries of the skin, immerse yourself and flow into currents of pleasure, fullness and harmony, that make you feel beyond you had ever imagined? Allow me to help you in making it possible. I am Carla Mir, founder and soul of Elegance Massages, an exclusive and discreet center fully dedicated to your well-being, specialized in tantra and erotic massage located in one of the most centric and distinguished areas of the city.

At Elegance Massages we offer a qualified, personalized and totally confidential service with the massage therapist you choose, taking care of every detail in each reservation and massage session, creating a unique and very special experience.

In our caring and elegant facilities you will feel that paradise is not a dream. We put at your disposal an attractive range of massages with studied relaxation and stimulation techniques that will allow you to disconnect from stress and fatigue the day-to-day frenzy, as well as to connect with unsuspected sensations in your body that will make you feel an excitement and relaxation that will exceed any limit already experienced.

With the always personalized pleasant manner of our team of professionals and special masseuses, their expert hands and all the sweetness and sensuality of Elegance massages, you will feel that you share a full intimate experience. Their hands and body will travel every inch of your body without exceptions, waking it and recovering the balance of your energies, discovering as well pleasant sensation never experienced before, at least in such a degree of intensity.

Such is our extensive knowledge of your body’s points to press on that with the art of tantra, erotic and sensitive Elegance massage you will discover a pleasure so intense and harmonious that will make you feel that orgasm is not necessary to enjoy the pleasure, erotic and sensual satisfaction, taking you to a total state of disconnection, rest and serenity that will bring you a full renewal as if you were feeling again all your senses.

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