Frequent Questions

In case you are thinking of coming to visit us for the first time, we try to clarify the following possible doubts you may have.
We hope they would be very helpful and see you soon in our center Elegance Massages.
We will be pleased to assist you!

I feel like one of your massages. What do I have to do?

We recommend you to make an appointment to guarantee the availability of rooms and massage therapists, as well as being able to receive you with an exquisite welcome with great detail.

o make the reservation you can do it by email to info@elegancemassages.com, by SMS or WhatsApp at 653 422 422, or you can fill out and send the contact form that you will find in the Contact and Reservations section of our website.

How do you treat privacy and my personal data?

For the entire Elegance Massages team, privacy is essential that we take very seriously, so we work under an operating protocol that guarantees your total discretion and privacy at all times.

As for your personal data, these will not be stored under any circumstances in our devices or files once we receive you in the center, guaranteeing you a total privacy of your visit to Elegance Massages.

Can I make the payment by card?

At the moment our center is not endowed with POS, so we only accept cash. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I choose the massage therapist with whom I would like to spend my massage experience?

Of course. We know that the chemistry and good tuning between client and masseuse is essential, so once in our Elegance center you have the possibility to meet the different masseurs available at that time and choose with whom you want to share your massage experience to make it all exit. On the other hand, you also have the possibility to take a look at the section of massage therapists on our website and at the time of making your reservation ask directly with who you would like.

Why are the faces of the team of masseurs not visible on the website?

At Elegance Massages we do not want to jeopardize the privacy of our staff, so that the face of each and every one of our massage therapists does not appear visible in the images of our website. However, we want to assure you the beauty of their faces as well as guarantee the authenticity of the images.

Can I receive one of your massages at my hotel?

Yes, Elegance Massages offers you the possibility of receiving one of our massages in your hotel, as long as it is in barcelona & Madrid city. For more information take a look at the Departures to hotel section that you will find on our website or contact us and we will inform you in more detail.

Does Elegance Massages offer any kind of sexual service?

No. It is a professional tantra and erotic massage service, so Elegance Massages does not offer any termination that includes oral or explicit sex.

Can I touch and caress the massage therapist?

In our Elegance massage menu you will find receptive massages and massages with different levels of interaction in which you can interact with the massage therapist, touching and caressing within their established limits.

Can I take a shower before and after any of the massages of your letter? Do you have personal hygiene products for this?

Of course. We leave you the time you need to take a shower before and after your massage. This time is apart from the duration of the massage you have requested. For this you will have at your disposal personal care products (gel, shampoo, deodorant, cologne, mouthwash, body lotion, comb, etc.).

What kind of products and materials are used during the massage session?

In Elegance Massages we put at your disposal different types of oils and products (at your choice according to your needs and preferences) for professional use, always of quality and with neutral pH to avoid possible allergies when applying them on your skin.

As for the material used, for us the hygiene and disinfection of the rooms is essential, so all the material used in our center is disposable (sheets, slippers, sponges, combs, oils, etc.), making sure that everything complies with what the Law marks.

Do you only offer massages for men?

At Elegance Massages we treat and improve people's well-being, so we do not distinguish between the sexes. Our massage menu is aimed at meeting the needs of both men and women, as well as offering a special massage service for couples.

Can I choose to have my massage therapist be the same sex as me?

Of course. In Elegance Massages we have a team of female, male as well as transsexual masseuses. And all of them have undergone a rigorous quality training in the modality of erotic massage, so all of them are highly qualified to assist you and offer you an exquisite quality service.




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