Hair removal service

Epilate in a more pleasant way

In Elegance Massages we give you the possibility to shave before enjoying any of the massages of our menu. For this we have a team of attractive professionals licensed in aesthetics and experts in male hair removal in addition to massage, which with a very suggestive dressing will make you spend this moment, somewhat painful sometimes, in a much more pleasant way.


For some time now, male hair removal has ceased to be a taboo subject for most men, becoming today a ritual of beauty. So in Elegance Massages we want to guarantee you the best care for your skin thanks to our waxing method, with which you can remove the root hair making it take longer to grow, in addition to getting that hair over time it weakens more and more and is less abundant, unlike with shaving or the use of depilatory creams

The wax used by our professionals is an ecological wax of warm honey absolutely natural for optimal care of your skin thanks to its elasticity and softness as main qualities, which allows us to work at low temperature and significantly reduce discomfort when removing it as well as a total extraction of the hair and its root.

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