Have you ever heard of lingam massage?

Do you know what a lingam massage really is? It is very likely that you do not have much idea about it.

Lingam massage is a manual massage technique that is performed on a man with the aim of completely relaxing his body, allowing him to properly channel all his sexual energy. Although it is an erotic massage, the main purpose of the manual technique or lingam massage is not to reach orgasm, but to completely relax and expand your ability to receive pleasure.

It is worth mentioning that the conception of the penis in Tantra massage is different from the one we normally have in the Western world, since it is seen in an honorable and respectable way, a true rod of light that channels pleasure and creative energy.


The origin of lingam massage

The word “lingam” belongs to Sanskrit and its literal translation would be “Rod of light”, and to be more precise it has the following description: “Staff of light channeling energy and pleasure”.

It can be said that the Lingam consists of a symbolic representation of Shiva, one of the gods of Hinduism, which at the same time is part of the Trimurti ("three-forms"). This Hindu trinity is composed of Shiva (destroying god of the universe), Brahma (creator god of the universe) and Vishnu (supreme god).

There are those who consider that the Lingam originated within the indigenous beliefs of India. However, it should be mentioned that the Lingam also symbolize the stambha pillar, which has no beginning or end, and also refers to the infinite nature of Shiva.


What is the Lingam Massage?

The term "Lingam" within Sanskrit is used to refer to the male sexual organ or penis. In addition, this is characterized by assuming a highly respectful, but also energetic way, through which the sexuality of men can be considered, because it presents the penis as if it were a channel not only of energy, but also of pleasure.

In this way, lingam massage is a type of erotic massage that focuses on the male genital area. This consists of massaging the lingam using specific manual techniques (pressure, caressing, etc.), in addition to the testicular area or the male g-spot, which will enhance and multiply sexual pleasure.

This type of tantric massage goes much further than the simple and proper sexual enjoyment of that moment. The Lingam massage allows men to experience and live an unusual, different and much longer and more intense pleasure that runs through the entire body, causing at the same time absolute relaxation when combined with other massage techniques.


How is the Lingam Massage performed?

To have a truly satisfactory lingam massage experience, its correct preparation will be very important. The creation of an intimate, relaxed and comfortable environment where there is no rush, will be key for the man to relax completely and let himself be carried away to achieve the deepest pleasure. It is important that both the masseuse and the recipient of the massage are relaxed and understand that it is not so much about reaching the climax.

As we have said before, the objective of this type of erotic massage is to activate the most emotional side of the man, so that he is able to control his sexual impulses and does not get carried away by them..

To have the opportunity to leave all the worries and stress out of this experience, music and soft melodies will be used, accompanied by candles and soft lights for the total enjoyment of the senses. The temperature of the space will also be reached when creating the relaxing and welcoming environment that we are looking for. Not taking these aspects into account can make your lingam massage experience unattractive and unsatisfying.

The normal and most recommended way to start would be a good full body massage that allows you to relax the muscles and open the energy channels that may be blocked, in such a way that all your body energy flows.

In order to be able to enjoy this sensational lingam massage even more, it is advisable to be very conscious breathing so will help you empty the air from your stomach

And finally go on to massage the different parts of the genital area in a very subtle, delicate and careful way using light pressure, friction and caresses. Likewise, this type of massage is also usually performed around the pubic bone and around the perineum, using extremely careful movements to prevent the recipient from becoming uncomfortable, and instead, remain completely relaxed and enjoying the massage to the fullest. In any case, always according to the tastes and preferences of the person receiving the massage.

In order to perform and apply the different techniques of this massage, it will also be essential to use the right oils for it, at the ideal temperature and in the right measure. This will ensure much of the success of the lingam massage.


Benefits and purpose of the Lingam Massage

As we have already pointed out previously, the purpose of lingam massage is to allow men to discover and enjoy their sexual pleasure in a much more conscious, slower, sensitive and calm way, thus achieving a connection with the female sexual universe. Through the manual technique of lingam, seeks to bring the man to his calmer and more sensitive face, learning to connect to a greater extent and in a calmer way with his excitement. This will allow you to enjoy and connect more deeply with your partners on an intimate and sexual level. In addition to reaching a deeper level of excitement and absolute relaxation.

A lingam massage performed properly and by specialized masseurs in the subject, can offer innumerable benefits to the recipient. Some of its benefits are:

  • It helps to know yourself better.
  • Helps heal possible sexual problems or trauma.
  • It helps to achieve a greater mental openness.
  • Helps connect more deeply with couples.
  • They help to leave behind any type of negative sexual conditioning.
  • Helps unblock energy and feel more vitality.
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress generated by the accelerated routine.
  • Help you escape and leave your mind blank.

Lingam massage in Barcelona

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