Male Masseurs

Our male masseurs in Barcelona

If you wish that one of our male masseurs gave you any of our menu massage, either in our Elegance center or at your hotel or home, you need to make a previous reservation to guarantee his availability and his moving at the time you are requesting your massage experience.


Erick is one of the most reputable masseurs in Barcelona, with a great experience and trajectory of more than fifteen years in the art of professional tantric and erotic massage for women. He has done many courses and massages, so he masters like a few others the authentic Tantra massage. He is also a great expert in Yoni Massage and female sexuality, so he will take you to experience unparalleled pleasure. Are you going to miss it?

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We introduce you to our exclusive and irresistible masseur David. This handsome gentleman is an expert like no one in authentic sensitive massage for women, perfectly mastering every touch of your erogenous zones with her large and manly hands. A luxury and delight for those who have the luck to try one of their massage experiences. Surprising!

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Erotic Male Masseurs in Madrid


Raul is our Elegance most experienced masseur. He is a true gallant with whom you will discover a new and high pleasant sensations world by means of his big and strong hands, which dominate the sense of touching in a very special manner. What are you waiting for to put yourself into his hands?

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Unique and very special, this is how those who have had the luxury of enjoying one of our sessions with our spectacular and beloved Habou describe it. Pure sensitivity and intensity, this is he, taking you in each of his particular experiences to unsuspected limits of matchless enjoyment. Ready to fall at his feet?

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Masseurs/ses with real images

We know that many websites do not use real images of their professionals. It is not our case. However, due to that we do not want to endarger the privacy of our staff, the face of each and everyone of our masseurs/ses does not appear visible in the images. From Elegance Massages Madrid we want to assure you the beauty of their faces as well as guarantee the authenticity of the images. Come to our center and meet them in person!




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