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In Elegance, with a philosophy inspired by the wise oriental traditions, we offer you a suggestive and distinctive offer of tantra, erotic and sensitive massages, with a variety of relaxation and oriental stimulation techniques, designed under the rigor and knowledge of qualified professional teachers in this discipline, and intended exclusively for maximum enjoyment, both individually and as a couple.


Here we present our Elegance service menu, a varied proposal of receptive and interactive massages in which pleasure and sensuality are worked through specialized techniques.

Each and every one of our massages has been thought for the full satisfaction and stimulation of your five senses to unsuspected limits, allowing you to surface the most intense pleasures and sensations, and leading you to a state of absolute emotional and physical relaxation, thus achieving a state of total well-being.

Once accommodated in one of our cozy rooms and while you taste one of our welcome drinks, you can choose from our massage menu that which is most suggestive and best suits your desires. Or, if you wish, you can leave at our discretion, always attentive to your needs, the recommendation of that experience that best encourages your full satisfaction.


For those lovers of the most classic massage and who simply seek to release tensions from day to day we present the Elegance Revitalizing, a receiver massage worked on a stretcher.



If what you want is to feel pampered and bring your body and mind to a state of absolute relaxation, Elegance Sensitive is undoubtedly your massage.


Increase the degree of eroticism with our Elegance Interactive, a massage in which you can interact with the masseur/se throughout the session, caressing and enjoying every inch of her naked and sensual body.



We have devised our EXCLUSIVE Massage for special sybaritic people. It is undoubtedly the most innovative, complete and intense proposals of our whole menu, with double ration of enjoyment and maximum degree of interaction with the masseur/se who still makes it more unique and indescribable.


Elegance VIP

We present our most exclusive ritual designed to surprise you and make you dream like never before. And it is that our new VIP ELEGANCE massage, patented at the request of our most select and demanding clients, goes much further…!


Elegance TANTRIC Massage

If what you need is to balance and harmonize all the energies of your body to achieve fullness and personal well-being beyond the ecstasy of pleasure in itself, we invite you to live a unique experience with our most spiritual ritual; Tantric Massage.


Elegance TEMPTATION Interactive 4 hands duo

If you consider yourself a daring and willing to double the degree of excitement and eroticism you should not miss our four-handed, erotic and sensitive tantra massage, probably the most striking and special of the entire Elegance Massages menu.


Elegance LOVERS (couples)

Would you rather share and live this special sensual and pleasant experience as a couple? In Elegance Madrid we put at your disposal a special room for two, equipped with every detail to make you live an amazing tantric and erotic evening difficult to forget.


Extra Services

Add and complement any of our massages with one or more of the following supplements, thus living a much more intense and memorable experience.

Erotic shower together with the masseur/se

There is no better way to start any of our massages by eliminating tension and internal restlessness than a good shower session accompanied by the masseur/se, thus helping to create a greater connection and erotic atmosphere. It will start with a first contact with caresses and cuddles, and then lather. The first shift will be for the masseur/se, who will go around and cover each part of your body with soap foam, as well as using other parts of her body (breasts, buttocks, forearms, etc.). First the entire back area of your body and then the entire front, always in a very leisurely, soft and sensual way. Later it will be you who travel through his body, ending with a mutual soaping with tantra / erotic postures and the possibility of a first initial relaxation that will allow you the total enjoyment of the massage session.

Double relaxation (at the beginning and at the end)

With a double relaxation, that is, at the beginning of the massage and another at the end, you will avoid the overexcitation that is achieved through the different techniques of high erotic load received throughout the massage, which will allow you to relax and fully enjoy every moment of the massage. On the other hand, it will also avoid an early finish at the time of working the most sensitive areas and points in the final part of the massage, being able to experience that pleasure much more intense and for a longer period of time than usual.

Prostate massage (massage and stimulation of the male G-spot)

Dare to reach a pleasure like no other in a different way than usual. In the final part of the massage and at the same time in which the most sensitive areas of your body are worked, the prostate is massaged, located in the rectum and considered the G-spot of man, a highly sensitive and very pleasant area due to its large amount of nerve endings. The prostate massage will lead you to achieve a much longer and more intense relaxation.

Nuru gel incorporation (Nuru massage version)

If you want to go further and add more eroticism and fun to your experience, we recommend you to include in your massage the famous and morbid Nuru gel, in addition to the hot oils used throughout the massage. This well-known Japanese massage gel is extremely slippery, which will allow the masseuse to make a highly powerful melee massage, sliding all over your body covered with this stimulating, soft and moisturizing transparent gel. Try the Nuru experience and stimulate all your senses in a special way, will surprise you!

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is a special type of massage that uses energy and chakras (an energy centre in the body, according to Indian belief) to relax the person in the state of feeling that physical boundaries have been dissolved. Tantric massage is not a "quick" experience. "The experience should be one of total relaxation, within a safe, comfortable and peaceful environment". The aim of a tantric massage is not an orgasm, but to please your partner.

Tantric massages are for both men and women and have specific names such as theLingam Massage for men, Yoni Massage for women, and Tantric Massage for couples.

*Note: All massages and extras in our Elegance menu are aimed at both men and women. Also, you can also freely choose the sex of your masseur/se.

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